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I was thinking about Dean and googled his name on the internet. I found your site and enjoyed reading it. I think about Dean often and I miss him. The picture of the trout that Dean had on your site was a memorable day. I was with Dean when he caught the nice trout. We had to pay so much per pound for the fish but Dean didn't want to pay for that one because it would of cost too much. We just put it in our tackle bag and snuck it out of the park. He wanted to get it mounted but I think the taxidermy mount was too costly as well. I think your mom and dad eventually ate it!!!

I remember Dean telling me stories of how your father tried to teach Dean to be a better trout fisherman by using sewing thread to catch the trout. If he can learn to land a fish on thin sewing thread he could catch more trout. Your dad and Dean would go early in the morning to St James Missouri to trout fish and Dean would sometimes drive home when your dad was tired driving back and if I recall, Dean said he didn't have a drivers license yet. You have to ask your dad about that!

I haven't had much time to fish this past year but I look forward to the spring where I can go and reminisce about some of our trips together. I know he'll be with me in spirit.

Paul Pagano


Merry Christmas brother! Your absence is surely felt this holiday season. Your friends and family miss you dearly. We know that you will be us in spirit. I can tell Mom misses you very much. When we talk about you she gets teary-eyed. I had a chance to watch some old home videos of Christmas past. Its nice to be able to have some of those memories saved on tape. I wish we could make some new memories together. Love you brother...



Not sure what to say. Just missing you more than usual today. I wish you were here, so I could shake your hand and give you a hug. Or call you out of the blue to ask for advice. Thank you for the gift of your friendship. Life isn't the same without you.


Hello everyone.

As we approach 6 months... I still cannot think of anything to say to make it easier. Dean meant the world to me. I still can picture his smile, hear his laugh and remembering his love for life has made me more thankful for everyday that I have with friends and family.

I miss him a lot and I will treasure the time that I knew Dean, forever. Back on January 9th, 2006 Laurie, Dean, myself & another co-worker went to lunch. Dean wasn't feeling too well but insisted on going to lunch for my birthday. (He didn't even eat) We went to Arby's on Dorsett because Laurie had just started her new job at Mallinckrodt. Dean was so cute -- he wanted to make sure that even if he was in class or something - I would go to lunch with Laurie at least once a week --- Well, Laurie and I have met for lunch about once every two weeks since and it has been great. She keeps me up to date on how everyone is doing and we talk. We laugh a lot and cry a little -- and we have become really great friends and I appreciate that.

Katie McDuffie
Edward Jones

Well it's close to 6 months since Dean has passed away. There is not one day I don't think about him. Everyday gets a little easier accepting the fact I will not be able to see or hear from him. I recently celebrated my 40th birthday and Its hard not having him there, but I do know he was around. Laurie gave me Dean's golf clubs and bag and have been using it a lot. I believe my game has improved 100% since last summer. Since Dean's been gone, Mom now focuses on me to lose weight, Thanks a lot Dean. Sue has been watching what I eat now, no more chips or eating before bed time. I now also began saying I love you more to my family, feels weird, we almost never said it in our family. Now I have to learn how to hug more often, that feels weird too. It's funny how when someone close dies and changes it you.

You know what is really great is Dean's friends. Bob & Shane are planning to host a golf tournament in honor of Dean and raise money for a charity. I have been out with Dean's friends and can see why Dean decided to have them as friends.

My brother Alex (older brother, and looks older than me) is now Laurie's new adopted father. He is ready to kick any guys ass who is not worthy to look at Laurie, which is kinda of entertaining.

Well Dean, It has been six months since you left us. Life is going on. We still have bills to pay, mouths to feed, worry about the world, gas prices going up, cutting grass, trying to go to church, assuring mom were okay, lending dad dvds, celebrating holidays, etc. I am sure your not missing that in heaven. Hey by the way, can you send me the powerball numbers in my dreams or something and help me on my golf game.

I miss you, Love,


Dean and I met in 8th grade and Chaminade. After 5 years of being classmates, we became friends as college roommates. In college, as you can see from the photos, Dean had a very large group of friends. But though his friends were many, he was always considered a leader of the group. Dean was the one that we turned to for guidance when confused, for comfort when downhearted and for an attentive listener when we needed to vent. He was definitely the center and focal point of our group. After college, he remained the friend who always managed to bring our group back together. Summertime meant BBQs at Dean's. And the fourth of July was the one time a year that everyone from our college group would get together at his house. Even at his funeral, in addition to the numerous friends who made it, I must have received 20 plus phone call from friends around the country who wanted to express their concern and sorrow surrounding his passing.

Tim Grawer

Today is Dean's 2 months anniversary since he passed away. When I was in 8th grade, my mother was in the hospital having my brother Danny. I stayed home to take care of Dean. That meant I missed my 8th grade retreat and dissecting a frog for science. I don't remember Dean ever giving me a hard time at home. He was always fun loving so I didn't mind staying home with him. And I didn't really miss anything from school not even dissecting the frog. Either one of my brothers or one of my friends brought home a (dead) frog for me to dissect.

I remember when he tried out for T-ball team. We used to enjoy watching him run. His little legs couldn't keep up with his body. We would shout "Go Deannie Weenie!"

My fond memory of Dean when he got older was when we both attended a TEC (Teen Encounter Christ) retreat. He was one of the teens making the retreat and I came along as an Adult observer. I remember being embarassed because Dean would leisurely sit on the floor or lie down when we were about to participate in Mass. Being the big sister, I would try to correct him. Of course my word wasn't gold! Anyway, Dean didn't worry about how he should act or what people thought of him. He was himself, fun-loving and free, always smiling and playing around. He loved life.

After retreat, he drove me and another religious sister home. During our trip home, he placed his hand on mine as he was driving. When we got home, he hugged my mother, father and me and told us how much he loved us. This is the memory that I will treasure in my heart.

Sr. Maria Lourdes Maranan--only sister

I worked with Dean for about 7 months. In that short period of time, I truly considered him to be a great co-worker and friend. When I first joined the department at Edward Jones, Dean was very welcoming and kind to me. He really helped me feel like part of the team. He would keep me laughing. Dean was definitely the comedian on our team.

During Christmas, Dean made a CD of Christmas songs for each person in the department. The CD is great! It was very thoughtful of Dean to make the CD and it is a great way for me to remember Dean's kind spirit.

What did I learn from Dean's life? I learned to enjoy life. Dean definitely enjoyed his life and made the most of it.

Today I celebrate Dean's great life on the day of his birth. It was an honor to know him.

Janine Parham
Edward Jones

When we were kids, Dean and I use to go up to Joey and Julie Perez's house. When we were there we would play softball, badminton, and board games. Julie and Dean would usually be on a team against Joey and me. After we'd play a game, Dean and I would then eat all of the Perez's food--it was a lot of fun.
Danny Maranan--youngest brother